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A father’s reflection on dealing with Drug addiction

I read an article recently about perspective. The author said If you are looking at a skyscraper from a few miles away and someone is standing in front of you then they can appear to be the same size as the skyscraper. They can actually appear to be bigger than the skyscraper from the right distance and angle. In my experience in dealing with a drug issue with your child can also be like this. The drug addiction is an enormous issue and it tears you apart at your very core because you can see where it leads. You can become consumed by it and feel beyond desperate.

I think part of the pain of this is that we all expect when a family face challenges that the whole family will rally round and help everyone deal with a difficult situation. We have all experienced this with a serious family illness or death. The drug addiction is different because it tears the family apart at its core. The person with the addiction just doesn’t recognise what the drugs are doing to them and the family can’t reach them. It’s so painful and so difficult to deal with. We also feel a sense of shame that it’s one of our family members that is in this situation and it can alienate us from our friends and wider family circle. Nobody feels proud to say their child is dealing with a drug addiction. I think it’s really important that we do say it, it’s really important to help us cope and it also is a massive help to others to first of all recognise that drug addiction is happening right through our whole communities and to perhaps help them to be alert as to what might be happening in their own homes and also to give others the confidence to say I’m dealing with this as well. The plight of drug addiction is that it attempts to damage all that it touches.

Only with hindsight now do I recognise that in order to take on what was a serious situation with my child, God was the one person that could free my child from the grips of drug addiction. I changed my perspective; God was the skyscraper in the distance and my child was right beside me and we were some distance from God. I couldn’t see God because my child or rather their addiction was standing in the way. In desperation I moved closer to God with my child, I had to take my child to the bottom of the skyscraper. I had to leave her with God for her to be freed from this trap that she was caught in. Thank God massive progress has been made, it’s an ongoing journey but I now recognise the size of God in this situation. I can’t see the top of the skyscraper. I know when you are dealing with the physical out pouring of the damage of drugs that it can seem as if there is just nothing that can be done. I think it’s at this point that God takes over and can lead to freedom. My advice is to take your child to Jesus to be healed. He is the only Healer.


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